> Introduction

Welcome to the RoMoNOH e-Learning modules for medical team members. These training modules will provide an overview of common oral health conditions, describe the relationship between oral health and systemic health, and discuss the HRSA-developed oral health core clinical competencies: risk assessment, oral evaluation, preventive interventions, communication and education, and interprofessional collaborative practice. This module will provide an overview of the RoMoNOH project and the importance of oral health integration into primary care practices.


At the conclusion of this module, and before beginning modules 2-5, medical providers must complete two courses through the Smiles for Life website. Smiles for Life is a free online training curriculum developed by the Society of Teacher of Family Medicine Group on Oral Health. For this project, medical team members must complete Course 2: Child Oral Health and Course 6: Caries Risk Assessment and Fluoride Varnish. Course 5: Pregnancy and Women’s Oral Health is optional, but recommended. Smiles for Life provides one continuing education credit for each course.