ENgaging in Advance Care Planning Talks (ENACT) Module 1

Module Materials

Why conduct advance care planning group visits in ambulatory settings?

Research has shown that group visits are an effective and efficient method for engaging patients in their health care. The ENgaging in Advance Care Planning Talks (ENACT) project is examining the efficacy of conducting advance care planning in two group visits. There are five modules as part of this project, and these modules will help provide you with information on: 

  • How to prepare for an ENACT group visit 
  • Overviews of the content for Sessions A and B 
  • Facilitation skills

This module will provide an overview of the ENACT study, evidence for group visits, and advance care planning.

 Objectives for this module:

  • Describe the goals and objectives for the ENACT project.
  • Discuss the benefits of group visits on patient engagement and improved health outcomes.
  • Describe the advance care planning the group visit structure.

Who should complete this module?

Primary care team members who are directly involved in this study: 

  • Physicians, advanced practice providers, social workers, and nurse care managers who will assist with the facilitation of the group visits
  • Medical assistants and clinic schedulers who will assist with the coordination of the group medical visits
  • Clinic leadership and other team members who can support ENACT through awareness about the intervention and study

ENgaging in Advance Care Planning Talks (ENACT) Module 1