Welcome to the new CU e-Learning website! If you were with us on the old site, click here to sign in using the credentials from the email we sent you. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at support@cuelearning.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CU e-Learning modules are designed for health professionals working in many capacities and at various levels, from newbie front office staff to experienced physicians or other clinicians.

Currently, to register and complete modules, a learner must be associated with one of the organizations contracting with us. This contracting organization provides it’s members with the code needed to complete registration.

Coming Soon!  We will be making our modules available to independent learners.  We expect this to happen in early Fall, 2017.  Please check back around that time.

Learners associated with an organization or project, such as EvidenceNow Southwest, a residency program, or a physician’s office, should contact their organization for a registration code.  Once you have a code, click on the Register or Get Started links and complete the registration form.

To access Colorado’s State Innovation Model modules, use the registration code SIM. All SIM practice staff, as well as those interested in Behavioral Health Integration and not participating in SIM, are invited to explore and use the modules.

If you are not associated with an affiliated organization or project, please check back in a couple of months–at which time we plan to have our modules open to individual learners.

Module completion certificate can be printed from the pop-up window that display after you submit the module evaluation.

Alternatively, you are able to print any certificate for completed modules from two locations on your My Account page.

CU e-Learning’s normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, Mountain Time.

If you need assistance or have a question, please contact us via our support@cuelearning.org email. We will respond withn 24 hours on workdays.