ATLAS.ti Beginner Windows Course

Module Materials

What is ATLAS.ti?

ATLAS.ti is qualitative data analysis software designed to help manage and analyze non-numerical data: text, video, audio, and graphics. ATLAS.ti supports many analytical approaches. This module introduces learners to the foundational building blocks of ATLAS.ti. We designed this course for learners in medicine, public health, nursing, and healthcare who want to jump start their analysis using ATLAS.ti.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the ATLAS.ti for Windows user interface and project navigation tools
  • Describe and use documents, codes, and quotations
  • Describe and use of managers, comments, and memos
  • Describe how to use managers, reports, and networks for sense-making
  • Understand project bundles and file management

Who should complete this course?

This is for learners who are new to ATLAS.ti, including researchers who are new to qualitative methods. This course is for the Windows version of ATLAS.ti.  Approximate time: 80 minutes.

ATLAS.ti Beginner Windows Course