Clinic – The Heart of Family Medicine

Module Materials

Why is clinic the heart of family medicine?

The ACGME states that each family medicine resident must be assigned to a family medicine clinic that serves as the foundation of their residency education. With the rapidly changing healthcare environment, innovation is key to transforming clinical practice to meet the quadruple aim: better care, better patient experience, lower costs, and joy in practice. Residents need understand the import of a well-functioning clinic and be equipped with the skills to encourage continuous improvement. This module emphasizes the important components of the clinic as the heart of family medicine.

Learning Objectives

    • Define Barbara Starfield’s 4 Cs of primary care
    • Describe how the family medicine clinic plays a role in primary care
    • Describe the key differences between the traditional model of patient care and the patient centered medical home
    • Discuss the status of change management and practice transformation activities going on in your practice.

Who Should Complete this Module?

The information in this module is valuable for family medicine residents and practicing clinicians.

1 CME credit available

Approximate Time: 60 minutes

Clinic – The Heart of Family Medicine