ENACT Session A Group Visit: Module 3

Module Materials

ENACT Session A Group Visit: Module 3

This module will describe the key components for the ENACT Session A group visit.


  • Understand the content for Session A of the ENACT Group Visit.
  • Understand and apply group facilitation skills for Session A.
  • Describe the facilitation debriefing session at the conclusion of Session A.

Who should complete this module?

Primary care team members who are directly involved in this study: 

  • Physicians or advanced practice providers and social workers or nurse care managers who will be assisting with facilitation of the group visits.
  • Medical assistants and clinic schedulers who will assist with coordination of the group medical visits.
  • Clinic leadership and other team members who can support ENACT through awareness about the intervention and study.

Tips and Icons

Throughout the module you will find information from the facilitator guide and facilitator tips to support your implementation.

Look for example language from the Facilitator Guide in tan boxes throughout the module.

The Facilitator Tips call out additional helpful information for facilitators to consider.

ENACT Session A Group Visit: Module 3