Relevance of Shared Decision Making for LCS: Module 2

Module Materials

Why use Shared Decision Making for lung cancer screening and smoking cessation?

In Module 1, the concept of shared decision making (SDM) was introduced. This module will take a deep dive into SDM and how it can improve lung cancer screening rates and smoking cessation. This module will review what SDM is and the evidence for how SDM can improve patient outcomes, in general.  It will also outline  the specific components of SDM counseling as it pertains to lung cancer screening, and discuss ways to feasibly implement SDM into your primary care practice.


  • Describe the benefits of shared decision making (SDM) for improving lung cancer screening processes and patient outcomes.
  • Understand the SHARE approach to SDM (SHARE = Seek patient participation, Help patient explore options, Assess patient values/preferences, Reach decision with patient, Evaluate patient decision).
  • Discuss how to apply general SDM principles to the decision to pursue lung cancer screening or not.
  • Implement SDM into lung cancer screening counseling in your practice.

Approximate time: 60-120 minutes

Relevance of Shared Decision Making for LCS: Module 2