Personal Clinician

Module Materials

Being a “personal clinician” is a current buzzword in health care…but what does it really mean?

Practicing medicine as a personal clinician encompasses all of the key components of practice transformation and the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). How do you know if you are providing personal care for your patients? This module will cover definitions of a personal clinician and review several articles that discuss what it means to be a personal clinician.

Learning Objectives

  • Serve as their patients’ advocate and as a steward of their health care resources within the practice and the healthcare system.
  • Demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain personal relationships with patients as demonstrated by developing continuity in their patient population.
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize clinician/patient relationships, patient interviewing, and counseling skills in developing collaborative, caring relationships with a panel of patients.

Who Should Complete this Module?

The information in this module is valuable for clinicians.

1 CME credit available

Approximate Time: 60 minutes

Personal Clinician