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Staff: Leadership Skills

Practice staff often don’t think of themselves as leaders, yet they are…so how do you get started and what do you need to know? Engaged leadership is crucial for practice Read More

Introduction to Health Technology

Are you confused by what health information technology (HIT) means? If so, this module is for you!  Key topics include definitions and components of HIT and the successes and challenges Read More

_template module

Brief Module Introduction Question Question answer Learning Objectives After completing this module, the learner should be able to: Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective ... Who Should Complete this Module? Define Read More

Survivorship and Primary Care

Why is survivorship care important for primary care clinicians? According to 2018 data from the American Cancer Society, as of January 2016, there were 15.5 million American living with histories Read More

Staff: Population Health Management

What is population health management and why is it important for medical assistants and healthcare staff? Population health management and managing patient panels are important aspects of practice transformation and new Read More

Introduction to Practice Transformation

PCMH image What exactly is practice transformation, and how does it apply to you and your practice? The rapidly changing healthcare environment requires innovation and transforming clinical practice to meet the quadruple Read More

Quality Improvement

What is quality improvement, and how can you create a culture of continuous QI in your practice? Quality improvement in health care has been around for centuries and, more recently, Read More

Population Health Management

Does your practice need to know more about population health, and how this may impact payment? Population health management and managing patient panels are important aspects of practice transformation and Read More

Team Approach to Care

What does it take to provide team-based care? It takes a team to provide the care patients need every day, and building effective teams is central to practice transformation. This Read More

Integrated Care

Is your practice looking for ways to improve care for patients with behavioral health needs? The vast majority of patients with behavioral health needs are seen in primary care practices. Read More

Coordinated Care

What is care coordination, and how can you apply it to your practice? Coordinating patient care is a core feature of practice transformation and the PCMH. This can be challenging Read More