Please note that in order to receive ABFM credit for any of the Performance Improvement modules by December 31st, work on the modules must start prior to December 24, 2023. Diplomates who have submitted their work according to guidelines will receive credit from ABFM. Please allow 7 days for processing.

Archives for: October 26th, 2023


Implementing HOPE

Implementing the HOPE Project into your Primary Care Practice This module will walk you through the key components of the Medicare Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity, how to utilize your Read More

Treating the Community

Does your practice want to involve patients and families, but don’t know how to get started? Involving patients and families in their health care decisions is a key part of Read More

Improving Patient Outcomes

What is quality improvement, and how can you create a culture of continuous QI in your practice? Quality improvement in health care has been around for centuries and, more recently, Read More

Clinic – The Heart of Family Medicine

PCMH image What exactly is practice transformation, and how does it apply to you and your practice? The rapidly changing healthcare environment requires innovation and transforming clinical practice to meet the quadruple Read More

Population Health Management 2

Does your practice need to know more about population health, and how this may impact payment? Population health management and managing patient panels are important aspects of practice transformation and Read More

Putting It Into Practice

As a practice facilitator, are you looking for ways to practice your quality improvement skills? This module provides practice facilitators an opportunity to sharpen the quality improvement skills acquired through Read More

Custom Practice Improvement Activity

Overview Welcome to the Custom Practice Improvement (PI) activity.  In this module, you will be able to define a practice improvement activity that specifically applies to your practice or clinical Read More

ATLAS.ti Beginner Windows Course

What is ATLAS.ti? ATLAS.ti is qualitative data analysis software designed to help manage and analyze non-numerical data: text, video, audio, and graphics. ATLAS.ti supports many analytical approaches. This module introduces Read More