> Summary

Congratulations! This completes your PIA component of this module.

Let’s take one last second to recap.  During this module, you:

  • Used a pre-intervention questionnaire to analyze your pre-intervention data as compared to your peers.
  • You then chose an area for QI intervention.
  • You then mapped out your current workflow, developed an AIM statement for your QI project using SMART goals and performed the Plan part of P-D-S-A by charting the next steps to implement this change and predicting the outcome.
  • You then performed the intervention. This was the Do in your P-D-S-A cycle.
  • You then analyzed your results by auditing your post-intervention patient data as well as analyzing your qualitative experience with the intervention.  This was the Study in P-D-S-A.  On the same module page, you applied that information to make modifications for the next stage (the Act).
  • Lastly, you started the whole thing over, mapping out the next steps and predicting outcomes to Plan the next phase of your intervention.