> Develop an Intervention Plan

Develop an Intervention Plan

Now it is time to develop your intervention plan.  In this section, you will select a clinical outcome you wish to improve and develop an intervention plan to target that outcome. The high level intervention steps are:

  1. Select one clinical measure to modify.
  2. Choose at least one intervention from one or more intervention categories.
  3. Develop a plan for how you will affect a change on the target measure and how you will measure the success of that change.

Here is a brief example:

Dr. Jones decides he wants to help his patients attain better blood glucose control. He believes his patients need training and education around meal planning and carbohydrate control.  He selects the Meal Planning intervention and chooses the American Association of Diabetes Educator Healthy Eating handout.  His intervention will be to review this handout and develop a healthy eating action plan for all of his patients with diabetes over the next month. In devising his intervention plan, Dr. Jones will need to consider how to incorporate the action plan into his practice and patient visits: what tasks need to be performed; who from his staff will be involved; when each tasks need to be completed; and what outcome is desired.

Please note that the Practice Transformation Part II Patient Self-Management Support module provides information and tools for patient-centered counseling and shared decision-making.