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Pre-Intervention Chart Audit Questionnaire

If you have already completed a chart audit for 10 or more patients for the clinical measure you have targeted for improvement and have your numerator and demoninator, please click the Next button to continue.

If you need to complete a chart audit for 10 or more patients, please download the Chart Audit spreadsheet and follow the instructions to complete a chart audit and obtain your numerator and denominator. When you are ready to continue, click the Next button.

Bonnie/Robyn: does the audit data need to have been collected within the last 6 months?  Collect the questionnaire data from the charts of ten patients with a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, COPD, etc.) you have seen in the last six months.

Questions to consider when conducting this chart audit for the key Building Blocks

Engaged leadership

  • Have you set a practice-wide vision for this activity?
  • Do others on your team know you are doing this PIA?

Data-Driven Improvement

  • By collecting the information on the questionnaire, will it provide the information you need to improve patient-team partnership?  If not, what other data do you need?

Team-Based Care

  • How can your team help you with this PIA? And how will this PIA help your team to provide better patient care?